Nate Craddock is a writer, spiritual director, and ordained clergyperson with roots in Methodism, holy orders in the Independent Catholic movement, and ordained standing in the United Church of Christ. He also happens to be a professional astrologer and queer liberationist.

The overarching drive behind his mission is to create spaces for marginalized people and spiritual sojourners to find community with one another. He prides himself on speeding full-steam-ahead into the unknown realms of post-Christendom spirituality and desires to find a humbled, jailbroken, Earth-centered praxis of Christianity that is conversant with indigenous and non-Christian traditions and the best of current research on psi, consciousness, and narrative theology.

When he’s not fomenting holy mischief, Nate lifts weights, writes and plays art music, reads dead languages for fun, and plays vintage RPGs.

Nate lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his husband Michael and their corgi. You can find out more about his ministerial work at and his astrological practice at